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  1. Carol A Sabin RN,CLNC

  2. Sadler, Dallas

  3. Liz Sake, BSN, RN: Liz Sake & Associates: As Legal Nurse Consultants, we determine the merits of a medical malpractice case, review and translate medical records, chronicalize events, determine; damages/injuries, future health needs, causation and standards of care. An information discovery program through research of medical literature and the latest on-line information. We prepare written summaries and reports of medical records, research findings, and expert witness information. We identify and obtain expert witnesses as needed. Basically, we are here to make the med/mal attorney's life easier by synthesizing, sorting, and condensing medical information to be used as exhibits and for MD expert review.
    Categories: Blood Banking

    Case Management, Critical Care, Expert Witness Home Health, Legal Nurse Consultant, Managed Care, Oregon Legal Nurse Consultants, Rehabilitation

  4. Stephanie Salings, RN,CRNAC, LNC
    Kentucky Nurses, Legal Nurse Consultant, Nurse Entrepreneur, Nursing Expert

    Specialty Areas: Geriatrics, Home Health

  5. Emma Sanford, AAS, RN, CLNC, Athena Medical Legal Consulting:"A Legal Nurse Consultant may be engaged in the following activities: Providing initial case screening for merit and missing records Acting as a liason among attorneys, physicians and clients Identifying standards of care, causation, and damage issues Conducting research and summarizing medical literature Educating attorneys regarding medical facts and issues relevant to the case Locating and procuring demonstrative evidence."
    Athena Medical Legal Consulting
    Emma Sanford, AAS, RN, CLNC
    200 Bentley Circle, Shelby, Alabama 35143
    PHONE: 205.669.7704, FAX: 205.669.2610

  6. Suzanne Schiltz, RN, BSN, Texas Nurse Entrepreneurs:

  7. Cheryl Schosky, CRNA, MSN, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Entrepreneur, Rexall Showcase International:"After receiving my BSN in 1986 and my MSN in anesthesia in 1992, I began what I thought would be my career until retirement. I worked hard to achieve my personal goals and be the best professional I could be. I was making a six-figure income and believed it would always exist and continue to grow over time. However, over the past 6 years Managed Care has dramatically changed health care for patients and professionals."

  8. Janice Schroeder, BSN, MSN, CFNP, Wisconsin Nurses:

    Categories: Masters Prepared Nurses, MS, MSN, Nurse Practitioners, Wisconsin Nurses

  9. Pamela Schuck, RN, BS, LNC, Ohio Operating Room Nurses

  10. Dee Sebesta, RN, CLNC, Sebesta MLC, Florida Nurses:"Workers' Compensation, Medical Malpractice. Will evaluate file for Merit, evaluate for standards of care, provide research."
    Categories of Expertise: Case Management, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Legal Appeals Legal Nurse Consulting, Legal Nurse Consultants, Medical Research. Utilization Review, Workers' Compensation

    Clinical Experience: ICU/CCU, ER

  11. Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC, Infection Control Consulting Services/ICCS, LLC:"Infection Control Consulting Services/ICCS, LLC is a nurse owned and operated consulting company based in Southeastern Pennsylvania. ICCS offers consulting services to long term care facilities(including LTACH), rehab facilities, home care services, personal care homes, and skilled nursing facilities. We also offer various services to private medical and dental practices, and other healthcare related organizations."
    Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC
    1301 Skippack Pike
    Suite 7A – No. 353
    Blue Bell, PA 19422
    Tel: 215.692.3485


    Romaine A Settle, RN, RoMedLLC, Makers of Comfeeze, California Nurse-Owned Businesses, Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse Inventors:"Manufacture and distribute "Comfeeze". "Comfeeze" is made of a soft fleece material with Velcro strips to secure it around the oxygen cannula, preventing sores at the site of the ears and providing comfort for those who are required to use supplemental oxygen."
    Romaine A Settle, RN
    Street Address: 4224 Massachusetts St.
    City: Long Beach State: California Zip Code: 90814
    E-mail Address:

    Categories: California Nurse Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses,
    California Nurses, California Nursing,
    Medical Surgical Nurses,
    Nurse Inventors, Mothers of Invention,

  12. Faye H. Shaffer, RN, DSN, CLNC, Southern Health & Legal Consultants, Inc.:"Southern Health & Legal Consultants, Inc.(SHLC)is a nurse-owned business specializing in consultation to attorneys who litigate cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury, and workman's compensation. With over 30 years in nursing clinical practice and education, I can offer assistance in both the technical and professional aspects of the health care system."
    Alabama Nurse Entrepreneurs, Medical, Legal Nurse Consultants, Professional Medical Record Review, Testifying Expert Witness Location

  13. Shea, Kathleen, RN, BSN, CCRN, Shea Consulting, LLC, Illinois Nurse Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses:
    Business Categories: Consulting, Continuing Education, Education, Educational Nurse Entrepreneurs, Legal Nurse Consultants, Legal Nurse Consulting, Nurse Owned Businesses, NCLEX exam review courses, Medical Legal Consulting, Nursing Education,

  14. Shelton, Berry RN BSN MPA CCM

  15. Tirzah Silver, LPN, Essential Staffing, LLC, Nurse Owned Businesses, Nursing, Staffing Agencies:" Providing temporary staffing solutions to the Phoenix Metro area Hospitals and Nursing homes. Looking for quality RN's, LPN's, and CNA's.
    153 W. Desert Ct
    Gilbert, AZ 85233
    Phone number: (480) 507-3797, Fax number: (480) 926-2502

  16. Beverley Simpson, RN, MS, CMC:"Beverley Simpson, RN, MS, CMC, is a nurse and an organizational consultant specializing in People, Teams and Systems development in health care agencies. She works closely with organizational leaders designing, planning and facilitating change projects; developing programs to strengthen team planning, collaboration and leadership; conducting practice and program assessments and planning enhancements to strengthen service delivery; designing and delivering management and leadership development initiatives. Her clients include numerous health care agencies seeking innovative solutions to complex practice and organizational issues."
    Beverley Simpson
    650 Mount Pleasant. Suite 611. Toronto, ON. M4S 2N5
    416 489-9268

    Categories: Canadian Nurse Owned Businesses, Nursing Entrepreneurs
    Masters Prepared Nurses, MSN, MA, MS, MN, etc.
    Nurse Consultants
    Starting A Nursing Agency, How To Start An Agency

  17. Elizabeth Silverberg, RN, SANE, CLNC, Massachusetts
    Open Heart, Intensive Care Unit, ICU

  18. Simsay, Daniel BS, RN

  19. Tami Skinner, LPN, Michigan Nurses, Pediatrics, Respiratory, Home Health, Medical-Surgical, Long Term Care

  20. Slovensky Trisha RN CCRN LNC, Medical Bill Auditing, Medical Legal Consulting

  21. Small Beginnings, M. Sharon Rogone RNC:"Thanks For Visiting Us At Small Beginnings..."Where Baby's Needs Are The Motivation To Produce Better Products..."Where Nurse's Needs Bring About Innovative Product Ideas That Eliminate Altering Medical Devices & Are Easier To Use...Where Products Are Developed To Be Less Expensive To Hospitals And Cost Effective As Well."
    Small Beginnings Inc.
    17525 Alder St. Suite #28 Hesperia, Ca. 92345
    Toll Free 800 676-0462
    Local # 760 949-7707
    Fax # 760 948-1916

  22. Clay Smith, RN, LLC:"We provide a truely unique and patent pending invention to hospitals that stops stretcher sheets from falling."
    1726 Edgewater drive
    Edgewater, Florida 32132
    E-mail Address:

  23. Kaitlyn Smith-Woods,"Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Smith-Woods, I'm a fulltime nurse at a major hospital in a beautiful city somewhere in the heart of California. I struggled with the decision to quit my job as a research technician and return to school to get a BSN but it's the most emotionally and financially rewarding choice I've made in life and I hope my website will encourage others to take the plunge. Have questions you'd like covered? Ask away and I'll do my best to answer them. Scroll past my articles for the Q&A section."

    Categories: Ask The Nurse, Nursing Discussions, Nursing Schools (Nurse Education), Colleges of Nursing, Personal Nurse Websites

  24. Snodgrass, Jane Doe, Nursing Home, Pennsylvania

  25. Larry Snyder, BA, RN, DBA, RN.ORG, SA, Nursing Continuing Education Providers:"Larry Snyder, RN is the Founder and President of RN.ORG®, SA. As a licensed healthcare professional with over 15 years of experience in nursing as well as a computer authority with in-excess of 20 years of experience, he is knowledgeable with the integration of healthcare and computers and sees a strong need for licensed professionals to maintain their license in an easy, convenient, comfortable no stress environment. Larry has worked in various aspects of nursing in many states in both large and small hospitals and has the experience and background to make healthcare and nursing education friendly. Larry also functioned as a consulant at large corporations in various aspects of IT management including CBS Sports,,, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Flexsys and Monsanto. Larry also has served as an expert witness on several high profile cases throughout the United States sharing his valuable input as an experienced Emergency Room nurse."
    Latin America Office (Corporate Offices)
    Larry Snyder - RN.ORG®, SA
    CR 15A # 10A-03
    El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
    Hospital Sales (English) USA: 1-954-369-4556
    Hospital Sales (Español - E.E.U.U): 1-860-786-1866
    E-mail Address:
    Blogs, Social Media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc):
    Phone number: 954-369-4556

    Categories: Emergency Department Nursing, Nursing Continuing Education, Nursing Education">Nursing Educators,">Nursing/Healthcare Informatics

  26. Melissa Solomon, RN, Consumer Review Specialist, Nursing Consultant

  27. Kathryn Spilker RN, BSN, LNC, Lifeline Medical/Legal Consulting L.L.C.:"As Legal Nurse Consultants, we use our nursing experience, and knowledge of legal issues in preparing cases related to health care issues. Screen cases for merit, prepare chronologies, summaries, timelines and analysis of the medical records. Identify standards of care, causation issues, locate experts, research and review medical data and literature. Assist attorneys with all aspects of discovery and trial preparation. The success of your medically related cases relies on qualified, detailed, and accurate assessment of the facts.
    3034 Ridgetop Ct., St. Peters, Missouri 63376

    Homepage Address:

  28. Evelyn Stankowski, RN,"Welcome to Our main goal is to pay honor and tribute to nurses and healthcare professionals alike, for a job well done. Our nursing tributes and Nursewing Gift Shop were designed with this purpose in mind. Please browse our list of nursing tributes, medical tributes and tributes in general or visit our online gift shop.—the nurse to nurse connection online."

  29. Mathew Stanley, RN, MSN, Michigan Nurses:
    Specialty areas:

  30. Bobbie Staten, Motivational Humorist, RN, CSP:"Searching for the perfect keynote, after dinner, or closing speaker to set the stage or wrap up a successful event? You need Bobbie Staten. Bobbie is a veteran certified speaking professional (CSP) and humorist. Her motivational speaking techniques are funny and encouraging. Bobbie uses a weave of down home humor and communicates her message to let go of stress, and choose what you allow "in your circle" of influence. You can choose to live your life with a smile and a purpose, or drag through each day like it was day one of a 30 year sentence!"
    Bobbie Staten, Motivational Humorist, RN, CSP
    3224 Green Level Road West
    Cary, NC 27519
    Telephone: 919 387 3838
    Fax: 919 363 0998

    Nurse Consultants, Consulting,
    North Carolina Nursing Entrepreneurs,
    North Carolina Nurses, Nursing Resources,
    Speakers Bureaus, Conference Keynotes, Motivational, Inspirational, Humorists,

  31. Steffens, Victoria L. B.S.N., Medical Legal Consulting

  32. Robert W. Stein, III, RN, MSHA, CHE, Legal Nurse Consultant, Florida Nurse Entrepreneurs

  33. Pam Steinacher, RN, LNC, Illinois Legal Nurse Consultants:"Assist plaintiff and defense attorneys with injury-related cases by reviewing for merit, standards of care, duty, breach of duty, causation and damages. Location of appropriate experts, medical literature research, IME's where appropriate, assist with demonstrative evidence, deposition questions and interrogatories. Screen records for missing records or tampering; assist in any way that is deemed necessary and appropriate to win cases."

  34. Yaschica Stewart, BSN PMJ Medical Solutions:"Medical staffing agency providing permanent, temporary to permanent, per diem nurses, cna, other medical personnel to all medical facilities."
    1019 Old Monrovia Rd Suite 186
    Huntsville, Alabama (AL) 35805
    Phone number: 256-536-8076, Fax: 256-759-1873

  35. Stearley Harold, Intensive Care Nursing

  36. Stem Jack, RN CRNA AA

  37. J. Stilley, RN, Utah

  38. Leah Stockdale, R.N., B.S.N., Nurse Registry, Inc., Maryland Nurse Entrepreneurs:

  39. Greg Stocks CRNA REMT-P ARNP, Stocks & Associates Inc.:"Medical-Legal Consulting, Providing high quality, cost effective Legal Nurse Consulting Services based on 17 years clinical experience including Anesthesiology. Specializing in medical malpractice, product liability, toxic torts, workmans comp and much more. Expert in trauma and pre-hospital care. Academic background along with work in the private sector. Providing Nationwide Services."
    Greg Stocks CRNA REMT-P ARNP
    Atlanta, Ga.

  40. Pat Sullivan RN, CCRN, CLNC, Tennessee Nurse Entrepreneurs, Cardiac Nurses, Critical Care, Expert Witness Legal Nurse Consultants, Nursing Consultants

  41. Sandy Summers, RN, The image of nursing: Does nursing's media image matter? 9 September, 2010 | By :"Isn't television just a lot of rubbish that no one takes seriously? Most nurses would agree that the media's treatment of nursing falls short of a fair and accurate portrayal. Of course, there are some serious news reports about the nature and challenges of the profession. And even the entertainment media has offered a few helpful depictions in recent years, showing nurses as troubled but skilled professionals with some autonomy. But the dominant images remain the stereotypes we find in the most popular television shows and global advertising. In these ubiquitous media products, nurses tend to be no more than submissive helpers of the physicians who do everything that matters, or else vacuous sex toys who help companies sell everything from milk to chewing gum."

    Nursing In The Media, Nurse Portrayals, Sterotypes:

  42. Suthard, Audrey RN CEN ENPC:"What attracted you to the field of Nursing: Im not sure maybe my Chatty Cathy Nurse doll I had as a child. Ive always wanted to work in a hospital as long as I can remember."

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